You are a rare stone,
something a person can find
maybe once in a lifetime.
But you were already found,
discovered, revealed as bounty.
A wishing stone,
you gave something back
from a very young age.
I live in the twilight,
in shadows long at the end of day.
I will hint at goodbye now
and let my heart rip.
It’s okay.

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Date Night

The sun just went down tickled pink.
Tomorrow an ice rink will form on the pond.
Coming up on midnight
this evening waxes in a high wind,
etches patterns on my glass
with sand blown all the way
from last summer’s beach.

Did I wear the day away
with hard-fought sanity?
White knuckles firmly affixed
around the stems of wilted roses.
I tried so hard to be understood,
my garbled thoughts rolling like marbles
around my filtered tongue.

Your honey and lemons lift my spirits,
shock my jaw with pungent and sweet.

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5th of December

Rain and snow coming down
at the same time.
We are hovering
just above freezing.
This night is not hospitable.
A stiff wind
blows the sleet in sideways.

To huddle up here with you
in blankets and wool slippers
will keep me humming
through the holidays.
Warm cocoa and candlelight
tell me we are in the festive season.
Clementine oranges
are sweet and bright.

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Weather Today

I feel ok, I’m tripping along.
Moving and rolling and tripping along.
A spring in my step
and glad to be here.
The clouds are breaking up
to a sky that’s clear.

Too much sorrow
can weigh a person down.
Living for tomorrow
makes you today’s modern clown,
which could be a very good thing
if you intend to entertain.
Living in the present
keeps a mind and body sane.

Rainy days come
and rainy days pass.
Today the sky is blue
like this Kentucky grass.

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Monday morning blue skies
are bright with sunlight.
Let me fall into soft dunes
of white crystals.

There is more than meets the eye
when we look a little closer.
Each snowflake has its own story to tell
of distance and transformation.

Spring melt and fall freeze-up
tilt the scales of the seasons.
The pendulum swings from side to side,
passing center from time to time.