We are adjacent to one another;
drifting in each other’s slipstream
as we are drawn in;
attracted by the force and flow
of magnetic speed.
You, out ahead,
pulling forward one hundred miles
to move the masses one inch.
But you do move us.
We evolve because of your work;
develop and grow nearer
to what makes the human heart beat.

And we beat in time with you,
because you are not only of your times,
you are on the leading edge in creating them
with culture and rhyme and harmonic dissonance.

I will try to row lead someday
to give you a rest;
let you be the coxswain,

you magic star of heat and grace.
I will paddle in your slipstream
of motion and reflection;
catch up to your bold propeller
and ask to be pulled into the fleet;
a billion boats to float
a kajillion ideas.

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