Fifty Years Friends

You light the acetylene torch in my heart.
It burns so brightly I must look away,
and then I look back into that light
and see your kind eyes.
I could find you blind,
even in the deepest cave
where rock and ice live together in combination,
even at the zenith of summer.
You would be the warmth
radiating from the Earth’s core.

Thank you for being my longtime friend.
My life is in your hands,
in your heart, and forged in your memory.
Treasure it, as I treasure yours,
and we will remind each other
as time erodes the mind’s souvenirs,
of who we were since childhood,
and where we want to be in the future.

We have shared near 50 years of present tense,
you, always clear in my mind’s eye
whether near or far,
your eternal firebrand
lighting the candles in my heart
till my soul is bright with flame.

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