Reindeer are Renewable Energy

The sweat on your face
is reflecting red and green,
obviously making merry from deep in your pores.
The tree lights ricochet
off of all your faux gold.
You are a sight to behold,
my glowing, wet friend.
You have stoked the fire too high
along with our expectations.

It is warm for December
with the old year turning over
and my wishes for the world
resting in my chest
somewhere between a chicken with its head cut off
and frozen deep in panic.

Dear Santa,
Please make all plastic things out of hemp.
Thank you for the fertilizer
falling each and every year,
like manna from the heavens
from thirteen tiny reindeer.

We have the know-how to feed the world,
so please bring us the will to implement it.
Clean energy for all,
a fair world reinvented.

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