The Sound of Space

Have we each been alone
in a crowded room;
living on the wrong side of the fine line
of the great divide
between ourselves
and everything else?
You reached across
the derisive space between us,
to brush away a tear,
and in doing so,
gave me love like no other.
I hope to one day cuddle up
to your heart
when we meet on this side
of the equator;
you know, when time stops moving
between breaths,
and all of creation wells up
between us;

then shall I know you as Venus
to my Mars.
The universe
is full of ticking time bombs;
stars waiting to explode,
suns about to go nova,
but we sit in the stillness
of mutual awe overwhelming
the vacuous space between us
with inherent beauty.
You are 1,000 miles away
tucked and nestled in your safehouse,
and I live raw and wounded,
dancing to another beat from up the street.
But none of that matters
when we meet on all the cosmic planes
and my heart reverberates with
your major and minor chords,
the silent music of deep space
ringing long and clear.

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