Exciting Storm

This cloudiness is heavy
like the Rock of Gibraltar
up in the sky.
Rock me sweetly.
Swing me down low
when there’s no place to go
out from under the rain shower.

It is warm September
with the wood-and-fish scent of the river
hanging in near autumn mist.
The clouds dangle in stillness.
But if the wind would lift the sky
into electricity,
rub the friction up like bumper cars,
we would be well-entertained for an hour or so.

The rain falls steady
straight down and into the ground
till pools come to pass.
They show the drops before they land;
shimmering reflections
across my tired mind.
The power goes out.
Give me your crash-and-burn night
and I’ll keep the lamplight burning
till we are together again,
my ally, and lifelong friend.

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