Tonight’s Concert

It comes out of the silence
that sacred feeling of something
from nothing,
stillness spilling over into pools of images,
visions of canyons filled to their brim with sound.
Your visage is painted on the rock walls.
I’m alone with your apparition at dark.

I hear songs coming from the park
great waves of applause and sound.
It is your time to shine.
You breeze into town and command the sky
by the magnetic pull of the river
lending lightning to dance,
and from out of the clouds, thunder.

The drumsticks start to tamp time on skin
reaching our heartbeats
and speeding them up
making them beat stronger
than how we were before.
That rhythm calls us home
like Grandfather’s metronome chanting
in perfect 4/4 time.

A million metric tons of water
softly blows away
just before the headliners play.
And some claim there’s no magic
as I hear the first few chords,
and lift off.

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