Big Party

Cleaning up after the party
calls for a couple of martinis.
Just you and your cohost
washing lipstick off the rims
that short moments ago
rang with laughter,
filled to the brim
with wit and glee
and boisterous humour,
as we sloshed canapes
and crab cakes
across our sated palates.
I will put the lampshades back
atop their bright white bulbs.
The dancing is over,
and it’s time to remove the stains
where champagne slipped off the piano,
and the avocado dip
did a backflip from the table.

Radishes cut like roses
roll around on the ground,
with a few grapes and olives
that got squished without a sound.
Crackers, crisp and crunchy
have fallen into the gaps
between the chesterfield and its cushions
with their crumby velvet nap.
Let us rest between dish loads
and replay the evening’s events.
Save the vacuuming for morning
after we take down the tent.

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