Boondocking with you was
the greatest summer I ever had,
selling burritos off the truck
and following The Dead.
O, how we pranced and danced
eating mushroom omelets
without vomiting the remains,
laughing at the concept of toe jam,
and greeting little green men
as they walked straight out of trees.
In the end, we bought books
and went back to school.

Now I go to bed at 9 o’clock;
take my medication and reformulate
an alternative
to screaming out the window.
I want to holler, fuck off,
to all the yahoos on my street,
but that won’t win me any
Good Neighbour Award.
So I know to shut myself up
and tell me to fuck off,
because now I’m the grumpy old lady
and they are the frolicking students.
Welcome back, I say,
from the bottom of my medicated heart.

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