First Friday in February 2020

There is a levity to the air tonight,
a loosening of the weekday straps
across the ribs
where faint breathing rapidly lifts and dips.
I feel I could reach out and touch your face
though I do not know you well,
not coyly nor imploringly,
just joyfully
like when meeting a friendly pet.

There is comfort in the comradery
of this party,
the dampness of breath
fogging the windows
while they keep the cold at bay.
Lights from tea candles
flicker in time
with the tinkling piano.

I can hear boisterous music
through the window glass
a split-second after it’s played.

You and I share a breath of fresh air
out in the moonlight
reflecting blue off new snow.
We are interrupted only by our humour
as we laugh wildly to the outdoors
on a night that seems both frosty and warm
for February.

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