What Comes After?

The sizzling sun dazzles on the water.
The moon will sparkle
on this river darkening
when we say goodbye to the light.

Come to the forest with us tonight.
The moon will be bright and full of shine.
Bring your family, your friends, your valentines,
to dance around a fire, red and gold and white,
on this shortest day into the longest night.

I don’t need champagne to make my head spin.
You and I are the perfect twins;
yin and yang, sweet and salty,
peas and carrots on a plate,
you are my longtime friend and my lifelong mate.

It matters where we’re headed,
it makes small difference where we’re from.
We move toward all hearts mended
and contented safe at home.

When the sun comes out to shine
and we go outside to play,
and still, till evening turns to darkness
and darkness turns to day.

You are my night and my sunshine,
my light and my water.
I have loved you like a sister.
I have loved you like a daughter.
We share time and space together.
We have shared great laughter.
We remember what has come before,
and revel in all that comes after.

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