Making Merry

When the wuthering wind is close to the bone,
and you wish to go out
but just want to stay home,
and the grouchy holiday shoppers
honk their horns at you in parking lots,
remember, time is the keeper of all eternity
so stoke up the cookstove and turn up the soup pot
cause soon enough we’ll be turning up crocuses
and flowering out the lilies.

The cold says to sleep now,
your eyes and always-engaged hands.

Tuck away your credit card this season.
Stash it for that rainy day.
Flashy gifts are never worth the grief
of loans at interest.
Give us a sock puppet this holiday

made from last year’s worn gift.
You can put in some catnip, tie it in a knot,
and it becomes a fish;
a mouse; a bird in flight
snatched from the air
for bunny kicks and bites.
Nothing is merrier
than a cat playing in the light.

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