Fire of Grace

Do the gods have a name
for each and every day?
Like squares on a chessboard
but beyond the rank and file
to an infinity of possibilities
right here before us.

But you saw it coming,
had those dreams
that foretold we’d tell all.
You cannot shock me anymore
from the depths of cruelty
to sweeping acts of heroism.
Who are you to me?
The Yang, the Other, the Persona
of my youth,
and trouble in those middling years.
We found a deep disturbance
and great peace.

Let’s remember the peace.
Don’t forget the sky on your travels.
Light your fire for warmth and protection,
for sustenance and excitement.
Enjoy the focus of tending your hearth,
and the calm dissociation
of peering at the Alchemy
of transformation.

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