Goodbye for a Season

I can hear the air burning in the furnace,
but see the cold ashes fluttering in the draft.
No more celebratory open fire
with copper glowing
and our feet propped up to the flames.
This is the start of the lone times
when I’ll see you later,
so much later than we know.

Today we dug out your car.
It could have been me that gave the plowman
one hundred dollars to hold you with snow,
pen you in with white drifts so large
it took all morning to clear the way.
The noonday sun melts your windshield.
We laugh and I see the light
gleaming on your teeth.

Love knows no distance,
no length of time.
We are happy to be here
and then happy to say goodbye.
My heart sails with you
over all stones and sea.
I’ll wait here in the lake lands
for you to come and visit me.

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