Shine On You

I would marry you in a heartbeat
if either of us was the marrying kind,
or so inclined to be exclusive,
or if we swung from that same vine.
But I would never date you
because you are too dear to me
to ever lose in a lover’s feud.
You play the heartful chord
between comfortable connection
and my watery knees,
the flutter of butterflies
beneath my rib cage,
like skating super fast on the river,
to swimming in a frothy, choppy sea.

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Just a sip of sadness
from this rough and ringing cup.
I fill it to the brim with saline
from the coasting rollers
of the Dead Sea,
and now I can float effortlessly.

Let me wipe the stale tears
trickling down my jaw,
grown cold in the air
of this still room.

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