I hear the drumming
of yesterday’s circus,
a cacophony to begin,
then a symphony with a central beat
erupts in this morning’s ash and cloud.

How many trumpets
are spewed forth,
blown in the high winds
of a make-believe tornado
while lava flows around our feet,
evaporating our clowns’ shoes
melded with spilled popcorn
and discarded corndog sticks.

The volcano washes away
even the stickiest gum from our hair
while tufts of cotton candy
are gently melted back into colored sugar
by our gigantic warm tongues.

To say I love you in all that fury
of wind and music and molten rock

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Ring of Freedom -lyrics

Is crying like singing
when you’re out in the rain?
I wait for tomorrow,
you will pass by again.
I want to leave worry,
it’s got no place at the dance.
I don’t often look backward
but I believe in second chances.

You tell me you’re busy.
There’s so much on your plate.
My time is unstructured
but I’m never too late
to the big ball, the party.
I stay midnight till eight.
Whether I see you,
is a simple turning of fate.

One day we are bonded
and the next, free to fly.
I’d like to live with you,
then someday touch the sky.
Do we need to say maybe
before we say I do?
Nothing is forever.
We’ll both live, and die too.

I don’t want to ever own you.
You look so good gliding through the air.

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