The Sound of Space

Have we each been alone
in a crowded room;
living on the wrong side of the fine line
of the great divide
between ourselves
and everything else?
You reached across
the derisive space between us,
to brush away a tear,
and in doing so,
gave me love like no other.
I hope to one day cuddle up
to your heart
when we meet on this side
of the equator;
you know, when time stops moving
between breaths,
and all of creation wells up
between us;

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Over to Tomorrow

The dark is warm
and the night is right
for night swimming
and basking in the eerie astral light.
I don’t want to fuss
and I don’t want to fight.
But I would kiss you
by the water’s edge
and that kiss could take all night.
We can fly these kites at dawn,
early sunlight in the sky,
in the same wind that is now
a whisper to my ear;
‘Have no fear. Love is always near.’
And love knows no bounds.
It is not confounded,

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First Summer Rain

How the sky fell
in our first summer rain.
A deluge of drops
till the grass turned bright
and the puddles filled up
and the birdbath splashed over its sides.
I sat indoors
hiding from the lightning
but I wish I had stepped out;
felt the warmth pouring,
drenching through my clothes,
heard my shoes squeaking
from being soaked through
to their rubber soles.

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